Find the ICN Checklist for August here and stay on track with upcoming due dates!
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Questions? We've got the answers! Please join us for an ICN Exchange help webinar on August 3rd or September 3rd. Please click the calendar files to add the webinars to your calendar!
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Find important due dates for ICN activities for the month of July here!
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NCH "NG placing party." In 2013, our team had "Enteral Therapy Thursday." We all did enteral therapy PO for a day.
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Riley Parent Binder 1. Sample Riley Parent Binder This is a sample of the Riley Parent Binder.
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This is a flyer we created and are including in on-boarding packet for new families. Also will post in exam rooms. The photo is mine so feel free to use. Email me for doc version.
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Enjoy reading about the great work taking place in the Red Learning Lab!
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A DRAFT QI "cheat sheet" for parent partners. What would you add? How would you improve? Have you created a different tool? Let's make this better TOGETHER!
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jhicks Excellent start!  In my experience with the Parent Advisory Team at our Center some of this language needs additional explanation.  Pre-visit planning isn't something they intuitively...
As seen on the Center on Aging's bulletin board, in my office suite: Electronic Health Record Communication Skills
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jgarrett This is an excellent teaching tool/reminder for providers and nurses.
Presentation over our 6 month return visit data, what steps we took to improve our 6 month return visit, and how it helped drive improvements (along with other interventions) in remission rates.
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